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Hire an Attendant   
For The Elderly                      


Hire trained and certified attendants, give your parents a friendly companion in form of male or female attendant.

In today's era where every couple of person is working it becomes a bit strenuous to complete attention to the beloved senior home care services. You can opt for Holycross elderly care service at home and delight them with care they deserve.

Our attendants not just look after the elder only at home but they are also flexible in assisting the needful to the doctor, clinic or wherever the situation demands.

Old Age Care

Basic Healthcare-cum-Companionship by our staff can be availed during Day or Night or on stay-at-home / in-house / 24 hours basis, to take good care of health including care of hygiene, diet, medication, physical assistance in movements with walker / wheelchair, light massage.


Dementia Care

Specialized care for elders with neurodegenerative disorder or Alzheimer. We help fight memory loss by continuous involvement of the patient in mentally engaging activities and closely monitored care.


Parkinson Care

Specialized care for elders with less control over neuromuscular movements. Patients with Parkinson, generally experience shivering / shaking of arms / legs; such seniors need physical support for eating, sitting, walking, sleeping to prevent incidental falls/slipping. To have a trained caregiver could avoid untoward incidents and keep them safe


Paralytic Patient Care

Care for semi or completely bed-ridden elderly patients. Holycross assists and supports in almost all daily living activities (while on the bed) and hence prevents them for further health issues through continuous positioning, massage, exercises, and movements to the extent possible, to avoid accidental deterioration in health.


Domiciliary Care

Get personal care for seniors at your own home; right from the assistance with washing and dressing in the morning to aiding with toileting during the day. With our Domiciliary care services, let us help elders in maintaining their independence and the quality of life.

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