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Physiotherapy Session

Angel care Giving Institute services was established on 2003 . Angel care Giving Institute is situated in Mohali Punjab  “We always work for a better tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying, we again think of better tomorrow! Let’s have a better today”.

We provide best in Class care

We bring world class medical care into our patient’s home with excellence. We understand that nothing is better than being in the comfort of home, surrounded by family and friends that’s why we are committed to helping you care for your health and wellbeing. With Angel care Giving Institute you can be sure that you will receive Hospital Quality Health Care in the comfort of your home.

Whether recovery from post surgery or chronic condition that may require continuous care, Angel care Giving Institute can offer expert guidance of best orthopedic doctors and support of trained physiotherapists, trained attendants and nurses of leading hospitals with proven success track records.


Reliable and proficient team

Angel care Giving Institute offers high standard services, our professional team meet the highest quality health care standards, we follow strongest hiring standards, continuous skill assessment, fastest turn around and the list goes on. With round the clock assistance it will be absolutely peace of mind for the patients availing our services.We offer a wide spectrum of services from COVID care , Elder care , Palliative care , Physiotherapy at home, Nursing care , Trained attendants , Newborn baby and mother care ,  lab tests and much more.

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